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I often think how much easier it is to photograph a subject than it would be to draw it by hand. Painters have an amazing, God-given talent which they can use to fulfill their vision on a canvas. Photographers merely need to press a button. Photography, however, is the more difficult medium in which to express your vision because one is able to record only what one can frame in the viewfinder. One is limited by the scene as it exists in nature while artists are free to create and to develop their theme with free reign - limited only by their imagination. Artists work on their canvas until they achieve their vision whereas the only resource available to a photographer is light and the absence of light. Controlling light is the sole means by which a photographer creates. This is the major difference between painting and picture taking - and what makes photography the more challenging medium in which to work.

My photographs are presented as recordings of light and shadow - conceived at the moment of exposure. All the creativity involved in capturing an image and the patience needed to recognize 'the shot' when you see it is encased in that shot forever. While creating fine art through photography I do not feel I have the freedom to alter images after exposure. The camera is an extension of my eye and it is the sole instrument by which I am able to capture the beauty and splendor of the world around me.

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