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You know your photos are haunting. What a treat it was to be on your site!
Anne B.

this is the most wonderful photography. Thanks for give us the opportunity to see them.
Lorena Garc

We are admiring your wonderful photography! You are very talented. Congratulations!!!
Wendy and Wayne Wisbaum and Victoria Campa

It was wonderful meeting you at the "All Florida." . Your work is amazing and inspiring....
Joyce Jacobs

I think there's a fish jumping in the foreground of your Discovery Launch photo!
[Thank you for your comment; actually, it is a bird that flew through the frame just as the shuttle lifted off the ground/ Alan]
Jeremiah Felsen

Your photographs are so impressive. I was especially wowed with the Horseshoe Bend and Reynolds Creek pictures .....

the photos are great.

I have seen your work .... and love it. I am also an artist, schooled in painting, photo, and film.
Kudos to you.
ava ciliberti

Your photography is amazing and I admire your passion for capturing the perfect shot.
Bernard Bonomo

Your pictures are beautiful.....

I must say that the shot of Reynolds Creek is particularly spectacular...

The photos are spectacular! Congratulations!
Joan A.

It was a pleasaure viewing your photos.
I am one who is interested in photography

Your photos are amazing. The 'Recent Additions' are mindblowing, crosswalk in NYC is really cool. I like the photos from Prague, that is where my father is from.

I especially enjoyed the shots of Canyonlands, Bryce and the Tetons. Great memories of hiking the parks with my Dad. Thanks
Brett Porter

WOW..............Very Nice Site.

With Best Wishess...
Mr. Fahad
(Peshawar PAKISTAN)

Your photos are quite exceptional! The composition and subject matter, especially when combined with such an artisitic eye, result in obvious quality and talent.